The Algo Trading Lab

We are a software development company based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
We specialize in algorithmic trading automation and data analysis.

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About Us

We Are Experts In Automating Trading And Backtesting

Below you can find a list of various trading/data gathering systems we have built in the past.

  • Backtesting(forward walk, out of sample, Monte Carlo)
  • High frequency trading infrastructure for cryptocurrencies
  • Arbitrage(classic, statistical, 3way)
  • Market making(vwap, averages, volatility, orderbooks)
  • Options analysis and market making
  • Orderbook cloning
  • Various hedging systems
  • Various futures trading systems
  • Wide range of data mining systems
Meet The Team

Motivated, Hard Working, Independent Thinkers


Linas Rajackas


Linas has extensive experience in trading and cryptocurrencies. He launched a cryptocurrency exchange in 2015, holds a degree in Psychology, studied at institute. He ran and managed arbitrage, market making, options pricing and various other trading systems and bots.

Some of his main inspirators for trading automation and data analysis are: Edward O. Thorp, Nassim N. Taleb, Philip A. Fisher, Benjamin Graham, James Surowiecki


Darius Å ilkaitis


Darius was passionate about business and automation since childhood. He has over 10 years experience in coding, working on various IT projects locally and internationally. For last 3 years he has been perfecting his AI price prediction system built with: Python, Tensorflow / Keras, NodeJS, MySQL, PHP.

Some of his main inspirators to learn about neural networks and machine learning are: Jeremy Howard, Jason Brownlee, Lex Fridman

What We Do

Efficient and reliable solutions for trading and backtesting

Strategy Backtesting

The core pillar of any trading automation is writing software which helps backtest and understand strategy's weaknesses and strong points.

Hedging Systems

Used for automatically covering risk or balancing accounts to maintain needed liquidity or margin levels.

Data Mining

Setting up redundant data collection and storage systems for backtesting or signal generation.

Speed Optimization

Analyzing already running trading systems to find inefficiencies and identify opportunities to reduce latency.

High Frequency Infrastructure

Researching and selecting colocated servers near the broker/exchange and building maximally efficient trading software.

Strategy Implementation

Moving from a backtested strategy to real money markets by building a functional automated trading solution.

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